Why am I not getting flight alerts?

Here are some common issues that may prevent you from getting flight alerts to your email address or to your phone.


1) Delivery Logs - If you look up your flight alert using the Manage My Flight Alerts search tool and click on the flight alert name, you can review a log of all the messages FlightStats.com has attempted to deliver to you for each flight alert that you have created. These delivery logs have a time/date stamp, success/failure message,  and other details that are useful for troubleshooting.

2) When you create a flight alert, there are two choices:

Specify where Flight Alert messages should be delivered
[ ] Email
[ ] Cell phone number

Sometimes users mistakenly try to send an email to their phone:

[x] Email 2223334444@mms.mytelco.net
[ ] Cell phone number

when they meant to send a text message to their phone like this:

[ ] Email
[x] Cell phone number 2223334444@mms.mytelco.net

3) Try switching your My FlightStats | My Account settings to another configuration.

a)  Primary Email
  -- Did you correctly type your email address?
  -- Did you check your email address spam folder settings?
  -- Alternately, you may wish to try another email address.

b) HTML | Long Text | Short Text
  -- Some phones cannot receive any text messages at all. Check your device instruction manual or contact your telecommunications plan provider.   
  -- Some phones can only receive short text.
  -- Some phones cannot receive HTML messages.

c) Cell Phone Number
  -- Did you enter it correctly?
  -- Do not type in parentheses, dashes, or other special characters.

d) Telecommunications Provider
  -- Did you accurately choose your telecommunications plan provider from the dropdown list? If yours is not listed and you choose a random provider, the message delivery will fail.
  -- Did you mistakenly choose your device manufacturer in the dropdown rather than your telecommunications plan provider?
  -- Some telecommunications providers are listed twice (for example, AT&T Wireless and AT&T MMS). This is because some devices have better performance with one or the other. If your provider is listed twice and you are having trouble with your current choice, try the other one.
  -- Is your telecommunications provider listed here as providing a free SMS gateway:

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